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  • IVC-32


The IVC-32 Card offers a high performance and low latency audio connection between Clear-Com’s powerful Eclipse TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing) matrix systems and highly scalable IP-based intercom systems. Enabled by Clear-Com’s proprietary I.V.Core technology, each IVC-32 high density card delivers a total of 32 IP-channel (or 32 port) connections, making it the best value IP frame card on the market. I.V.Core Technology features a decision engine that enables real-time, low-latency and non-blocking intercom capabilities over standard IP networks, making new and traditional intercom systems IP-compatible.


  • Fits perfectly into Clear-Com’s Eclipse Digital Matrix Systems (Eclipse-Omega and Eclipse-Median)
  • 6 Rack-Unit (RU)
  • Seamlessly enables IP-based V-Series control panels or Concert soft-panel users to connect directly to the Eclipse Matrices
  • Up to four IVC-32 cards can be slotted in a single Eclipse frame
  • Up to 128 ports of IP connections providing full duplex voice audio bandwidth
  • Uses 128Kbs network data bandwidth per panel connection.
  • 6RU matrix card
  • Maximum cards per frame: 4
  • 1 Ethernet port supporting 32 port per IVC-32 card
  • IVC-32 can support up to 32 audio streams from any combination of IP enable V-series panels and Concert clients connected via one or multiple Concert servers
  • LAN : 100BASE-T Full Duplex (Auto-negotiation not supported)
  • G.722 CODEC 16khHz sample rate (@64kbps)
  • Audio Passband 100Hz - 7kHz
  • Cat 5 connectivity
  • Network compatibility: LAN/WAN/Internet
  • IP addressing: DHCP
  • Latency: LAN connected V-Series Panels (with Eavesdropping logic off) 40-120ms
  • Minimum Network bandwidth required per duplex connection: 128kb/s
  • Ports required : 1
  • Protocols used. ( TCP/IP, UDP)
  • Quality of Service: TOS bits are set.
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